A Straight-Wire Bracket With Advanced Clinical Capacity

Spectrum's unique wing slot configurations facilitate rapid, non-binding movements in the initial phases of treatment, using minimal force. The straight wire slots enhance precision and control for optimum occlusion and finishing procedures.

Incisal and Gingival Ribbon Slots

The ribbon slots, with their elliptical bases and straight-wire features, make tipping techniques much more efficient. Either the occlusal or gingival slot may be used. The archwire may be secured with pins, ligature ties, wire, or springs.

Straight-Wire Slot

For excellent results in finishing, a straight-wire appliance can be a great help to orthodontists. Spectrum® has these features: Roth or Andrews prescriptions, pre-determined in/out relationships, built in torque and angulation, and your choice of .018 or .022 straight-wire slots.

Vertical Slot

The design of the vertical slot facilitates engagement and readily accepts auxiliaries for securing surgical archwires. It also accepts springs, posts, and elastic hooks.

Profile Is Wide And Low

The proven efficiency of a wide, twin bracket is incorporated into Spectrum® to enhance rotation control, torque, posterior leveling, and anchorage potential. Superior design has allowed us to build a superior bracket that has a low profile for patient comfort and is non-binding for efficient treatment.

Spectrum® Lets You Decide Which Mechanics Your Patients Need.

Spectrum® makes it possible to combine tipping and translation. Less force, more efficiently applied, rapidly opens bites and speeds treatment. Segmented arch capability. A vast array of auxiliaries can be used with Spectrum®. This is a bracket that produces excellent results by combining the advantages of many treatment techniques, yet eliminating their shortcomings.

Spectrum® is a product of Lancer Orthodontics.