NEW -- TRANSFORCEÒ Sagittal Arch Development Appliance

The Clark Sagittal appliance is available in 3 sizes upper and lower and is specifically designed for anterior arch development (creates space by advancing the 3x3 mesially) in upper or lower arches.  This appliance works on the slide principle and can be used unilaterally or bilaterally to extend arch length.

NEW -- TRANSFORCEÒ Transverse Arch Development Appliance

The Clark Transverse appliance is available in 2 sizes upper and lower.  This appliance features an expansion module to increase the inter-canine width
(expands at cuspids) and may be used when expansion is required to Accommodate crowding in the labial segments, or to correct arch width in
contracted arches.

-- COMPOSITE Bite Guide™

Open Deep Bite Cases!
One-piece appliance is bonded to lingual side of the upper centrals to efficiently open deep bite cases.  Features an anatomical shaped design with smooth radiused edges for maximum patient comfort.  The micro-etched Grip-LOKÒ base adds superior strength. 

DUAL PURPOSE DESIGN: The guides are reversible to allow the practitioner the choice of advancing the mandible while opening the bite. 10 per pack .

NEW -- DX™  Pliers

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High quality surgical stainless steel with box joints hinges for strength and durability.  Lifetime guarantee against forging failure and insert breakage!
Choose from a wide selection.

NEW -- Di-MIM™ Brackets

Brackets feature rhomboid design which parallels tooth angulation for easy placement.  Tie wing design faciliates easy ligation, while low profile provides
patient comfort.  Bio-compatible Nickel-LiteTM material with a patented micro-etched Grip-LOKÒ base.

NEW -- Smile SafariTM Elastics

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Choose from: Amber, Crystal Clear (latex-free) or Neon. 100 Elastics
per pack and 50 packs per box.

NEW -- ULTRAGUARD Mouthguards

Designed for Athletes with Braces!
Available with or without the optional helmet strap. Choose from red, green,
yellow, blue, black, clear or assorted. 10 per pack.

NEW -- Torqued Nitanium SE Wires

Excellent for Additional Torque in Anterior.

Features 20 degrees of torque in the anterior segment, introducing torque in the
upper centrals and laterals. .019" x .025" wires. 5 per pack.

NEW -- Separating Abrasive Strips

New Expanded Sizes!
Abrasive strips are easy to use, come in a variety of sizes/coarseness, resist stretching, breaking and corrosion and are sterilizable with any of the popular methods including autoclave.

NEW -- CNATM Beta III Palatal Bar (Reverse Loop)

Provides control of first molars.Good flexibility and spring back characteristics with predictable forces for consistent control. 5 per pack.

NEW -- Mini Solo Tube

Individual Solo Tubes are available in .018 or .022 slot sizes.
Great for use on 2nd molars!