The Esthetic Bracket That’s Both Attractive AND Efficient.


SinterLine® is a truly innovative esthetic bracket that offers a cosmetic appeal and comfort to your patients without compromising your requirements for precision mechanics. More precise bond placement and full mechanical advantage reduce chair and treatment time

a unique quality in an esthetic appliance. The SinterLine® bracket represents another significant result in the ongoing effort by Lancer Orthodontics to provide the professional community with the most innovative and effective technology possible in today’s market.


SinterLine’s bracket design ensures more accurate bond placement by providing sight references in three anatomical locations:

1) Inside edges of tie wings and center scribe align with the long axis of the clinical crown.

2) Archwire slot and tips of tie wings align with the occlusal plane.

3) Mesial-distal tie wing contours coincide with the proximal walls of each tooth type, creating a natural tooth-shaped" configuration that simplifies bond placement.


More precise finishing results from the tighter slot tolerances produced with advanced sintered metal technology. Torque in base ensures precision alignment.


SinterLine’s sintered metal technology permits numerous design enhancements while maintaining the full mechanical advantage of twin straight wire mechanics.

Many esthetic "straight wire" brackets now available do not have true straight wire dimensions; reductions in the required in-and-out variations commonly necessitate extra wire bending and require more time for making 2nd order bends in wire. SinterLine’s optimal mesial-distal width provides excellent rotational and tipping control, unlike these other esthetic appliances. The incisal-gingival bracket dimension has been significantly reduced, yet a convenient open tie wing area has been maintained. SinterLine® is available with optional integral cuspid and bicuspid hooks that will not brake of. Permanent identification markings further improve speed and accuracy in bond placement.



SinterLine’s smooth, rounded sintered metal contours enhance patient comfort while contributing to improve dental hygiene.



The SinterLine® bracket offers esthetic appeal without the loss of any mechanical advantage. It’s attractive, tooth-shaped design is inconspicuous but still identifiable as an orthodontic appliance.

SinterLine’s sintered metallics avoid the ill-defined appearance of ceramic and plastic brackets.

Ironically, these other brackets which seem to be designed not to "look" like brackets are, more often than not, the least esthetically appealing option of all, as well as being clinically limited. The advantage, high technology appearance SinterLine® strikes the perfect balance between form and function, without detriment to either.


SinterLine® is a product of Lancer Orthodontics.