Titanal/Counter Force™

It is no secret that the correct wire at the appropriate time in treatment is cricital. We belive that we have every wire product you will ever need for the wide variety of cases you treat.

  • Sliding retraction mechanics utilizing Class I (intramaximallary) elastics or elastrometrics.
  • Arch consolidation.
  • Bite opening.
  • Bite closing, used upside down. May be used with vertical elastics for enhanced control in achieving desired final occlusion.
  • Initial archwire... ideal for leveling or unraveling, round or rectangular. Can be used in conjunction with bite opning or bite closing.
  • Sole archwire throughout treatment. An increasing numer of orthodontists are using just one Titanal/Counter Force archwire from start to finish in a significant percentage of their cases. The use of .017 x .018 brackets has been predominant with this application.
  • Arch expansion. Arch is placed inside-out by tying in from one molar forward on around the arch.
  • Retraction of flared, protruding incisors in mixed dentition cases.
  • Corrections of maximallary diastemas in conjunction with coil springs.