There is Intrigue® in...

Wearing braces that are nearly invisible. Translucent Intrigue® ceramic braces allow light to pass through and reveal only your natural tooth color.

  • Wearing braces that absorb rather than reflect light, making them less noticeable.

  • Wearing compact, smooth, rounded ceramic braces that are comfortable and easier to keep clean.

  • Wearing braces that never discolor unlike plastic braces.

  • Your orthodontist includes Intrigue® ceramic braces in his selection of modern orthodontic appliances. Based on your personal treatment requirements, there could be Intrigue® in your future.

The introduction of ceramic brackets has raised orthodontic esthetics to a dramatically higher level without significantly compromising function. Ceramic (alumina) brackets afford superior esthetics to plastic brackets and do not suffer from the discoloration, staining and distortion inherent with plastics. Nor do alumina brackets demand the extra hours of chair time and complex mechanics of lingual orthodontics. Ceramic brackets are impervious to chemical effects and superior in hardness and strength. While ceramics, whether mono-or poly-crystalline alumina, are actually harder than steel, they are inherently more brittle in nature.

Lancer Orthodontics’ Intrigue® is engineered to help compensate for this brittleness present in all alumina brackets. Intrigue®’s compact shape, rounded slot base, smooth contours and rounded hooks provide the superior design that make it the ceramic bracket of choice, achieving greater strength and breakage resistance along with the enhanced esthetics of translucence.

Intrigue® is a product of Lancer Orthodontics.